“ A long way from home“

Charles Dain Hornbecks Lang

Over the past week I have made some amazing discoveries about my guitar. Until just 10 minutes ago when I found your website I thought that I may never find any more information on my guitar. I had been under the assumption that this was made by Edgar Monch. I discovered the website of Edgar’s Monch’s nephew who I have emailed with description and photos of my archtop. He replied 2 days later saying that he was very curious about the axe so he asked the wife of the late Edgar if he had ever built an archtop to which she said no. [paste of email from Kolya]

Hello, Was rather intrigued by your mail with photos of your alleged Edgar Mönch archtop guitar. As Mönch was my uncle and both of us luthiers

I probably know more about his life and work than most people. Just to corroberate my opinion on this guitar I phoned his wife who agreed with me; that is to say Mönch never built a steelstring let alone archtop guitar in his life. Which means that this guitar was built by someone else who fitted it with the Mönch label which was no doubt pilfered from a classical guitar of his which was perhaps beyond repair. Also, Mönch would never have penned in  „GERMANY“ on his label, especially in such a sloppy fashion. Other than that, the guitar looks quite lovely and in good condition . Hope it also sounds good.

 Wish you well,  Kolya